Help your employees to avoid loan sharks and payday lenders.

Give them access to a portion of their salary, before payday.

Trusted and used by South Africa’s most forward-thinking employers.

How it works for employers

1. Seamless Integration

SmartWage works seamlessly with 100% of South African payroll providers.

2. No Interruptions

SmartWage pays the advance amount directly to the employee. There is no cash flow burden for your company.

3. Easy Payroll Deductions

At month end, SmartWage shares a payroll file containing all advances throughout the month. Once uploaded, your payroll will automatically reflect all payslip deductions.

4. Reconciliation

At month end, you can pay your employees their normal wage less the amounts advanced during the month.





All this, with no interruptions to your current payroll process.

Benefits to employers



of employees say that worrying about their finances affect their work.

Ever since we got SmartWage, our employees worry less and are able to focus on their work.
Chaperon Kani HR Manager



of employees would change companies to one that prioritises their financial well-being.

“I would prefer working at KFC over other similar jobs because of SmartWage.”
William Manyika
KFC employee



of SmartWage users make use of our service to pay for transport money to get to work. They refrain from missing work as a result.

"We've seen a drastic decrease in staff absenteeism since implementing SmartWage."
Jason Kayster
HR & Training Manager

Internal Loan


of employees request loans or salary advances from their employers.

"Since SmartWage, we no longer get requests for loans or salary advances from our employees."
Lerashni Harisunker
HR Manager

What employees get

Payment on demand

Employees can access up to 25% of their already earned income via their cellphone through Whatsapp or USSD.

*USSD: The employees that do not have Whatsapp, can use USSD to use SmartWage. This means that they can dial *120*20030# and follow the steps to take an advance.

Financial Education

Using the SmartWage Learn Chatbot, employees can learn the financial tools to change their spending behaviours.

Financial Freedom

Employees do not have to rely on unsecured debt options to make it to the end of the month, giving them more financial control.

This is Thandeka.

Thandeka has to meet unexpected expenses during the month. With no savings, she has few options. Thandeka is one of 44m South Africans with the same problem.




When Thandeka does not have the cash to pay for an expense, she goes to a loan shark who charges her:

With SmartWage, she uses her own money to pay for the expense, thus avoiding high interest loans.

See what our clients have to say about SmartWage

Jason Kayster

HR Manager

“We’ve seen a drastic decrease in staff absenteeism since implementing SmartWage. This has further improved since we rolled it out to all of our stores.”

Jodi Walker

Customer Success Manager

“The thing we love about SmartWage is that it gives our people flexibility when they need it.”

Lerashni Harisunker

HR Manager

“We use SmartWage because it’s simple, affordable and less admin. On top of this, it actually helps our staff.”

Nic Lister-James

“From an administrative point of view, SmartWage is a no brainer!”    

Robyn McCreedy

Administrative and HR Manager

“With SmartWage, our employees have flexibility and autonomy without having to ask the business for help.”

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