How SmartWage helps South Africans make ends meet during difficult times

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  • How SmartWage helps South Africans make ends meet during difficult times

COVID-19 is an unprecedented crisis for South Africans and indeed people all around the world. The drastic measures being implemented by our government to combat the risks posed by the virus, while welcome and necessary, will no doubt cause a great deal of hardship for many people across a country already struggling with a raft of social and economic woes. However, South Africa is an endlessly inspiring country and history shows us that through unity and determination, we have the power to overcome even the most severe obstacles! 

Here at SmartWage, we certainly recognise this and believe we all have a role to play to overcome the challenges posed by this virus and we’ve been thinking long and hard about how we can do our bit to contribute. In response to President Ramaphosa’s announcement last night, people across the country have been racing to stock up on essential supplies and foodstuffs. Already, supermarket shelves from Cape Town to Polokwane have been emptied as people prepare for the worst. We recognise that a vast majority of South Africans don’t have the luxury of being able to access the things they would like, to protect the wellbeing of themselves and their loved ones, or simply lack the savings or funding necessary to meet the unexpected expenses they might now have to incur.

That’s where we think we can do our little bit to ease the pain – by offering hard-working South Africans the ability to access a portion of their already earned pay instantly, we can help them to plan and prepare for difficult choices and unexpected costs, while avoiding the need to borrow or dip into savings at a time that is already extremely risky and uncertain.

What’s more, and as a gesture of solidarity as the Coronavirus pandemic spreads, we’ll be offering employees registered with our services access to their earned pay for free during the months of March and April! 

Let’s get through this, together! Get in touch with us to learn about all the ways SmartWage can assist businesses and employees mitigate the risks posed by COVID-19. 

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