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As a young South African business, developing a keener understanding every day of the difficulties faced by South African businesses and their employees alike,  we are particularly proud to be associated with Yoco’s Support Small initiative. As a Support Small Partner, we are promoting our free service offering to Yoco’s extensive merchant network through May and June in our efforts to help businesses impacted by the lockdown protect their cash flow and provide a much-needed financial lifeline to their employees. 

We are proud to continue offering our services for free through May and June and to make this offer more readily available and accessible to Yoco’s merchants, in the firm belief that it has the power to make a truly positive impact for these organisations. Furthermore, as a champion of financial inclusion and innovation in Southern Africa, we are thrilled to partner with Yoco and have the opportunity to support fantastic local businesses that form such a crucial part of our economy and indeed our social fabric. We hugely admire Yoco’s pioneering efforts in the region and see a lot of their values reflected in what we are trying to achieve.

How well our incredible small businesses and dynamic entrepreneurs cope with and respond during these trying times will surely have a significant effect on South Africa’s (and the region’s) recovery from this crisis, as well as the post-pandemic landscape,  and thus we fully believe in and are urgently doing everything we can to assist and support them. The world is changing before our eyes, and it’s up to all of us to ensure that we take the right steps right now to ensure we lay the foundation for a strong recovery and a brighter future. South Africans are endlessly resilient and inspiring – it drives us every day to learn new things, try new things and do our bit by working with like-minded organisations such as Yoco to help in any way we can.

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