SmartWage In Partnership With Clanstival

The lockdown really has thrown up more than a few surprises over the last few weeks and shown us that in strange and difficult times, some of the best and most exciting opportunities are found in the most unexpected places. So we have learnt through our partnership with Clanstival, an all new breed of music festival that goes live from 25-29 June and is a shining example of how to innovate, improvise and create something really special in very difficult circumstances – something we are thrilled to be associated with. 

Promoted as a live online interactive digital festival, the event has had to adapt to the reality of COVID-19 and the lockdown and is providing a novel way for people to come together to enjoy music and the arts, in a similar fashion to the hugely popular Global Citizen One World: Together At Home broadcast in April 2020. Clanstival is aiming to have around 500 000 people in attendance, and 15% of gross proceeds are in aid of Kenosis Community, a fantastic organisation committed to supporting vulnerable and disadvantaged children. We have learnt to appreciate the things we have, not taking anything for granted and open our eyes to the people who are struggling with very difficult living situations during the lockdown.

In the short space of time we have been working with Leigh Wallace and the Clanstival team, we have been blown away by her energy, enthusiasm and endless ability to make a plan and adapt in the face of huge uncertainty and unpredictable challenges almost every day. She has taken the hurdles posed by COVID-19 and the lockdown effortlessly in her stride and poured her soul into ensuring a unique and brilliant event that is doing a wonderful service for vulnerable and disadvantaged South Africans, in particular the Kenosis Community. We are very proud to be associated with her vision and grateful for the opportunity to contribute to the success and impact of the festival. We’ve loved the opportunity to offer our solution in a new and exciting way, and can’t wait to continue working closely with them and the amazing artists who will make this event so special! 

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