SmartWage Quick Thoughts: The Value of Experience

The SmartWage team has been on a pretty exciting adventure over the past few weeks, doing anything and everything we can to make the most of the many challenges and even more opportunities served up by the continuing lockdown. Since the last Quick Thoughts blog post we shared just over a month ago, a lot has changed for us (but our commitment to being Africa’s cheapest and most honest payday solution hasn’t). 

We teamed up with Clanstival to provide financial relief to the wonderful artists performing at the event. We partnered with  Yoco to offer our solution to their extensive merchant network for free for the remainder of May and June, to support them and their employees during a really difficult time. We signed up a host of new companies who recognise the value of providing their employees with instant access to their hard-earned salaries and wages, especially when confronted by increasingly constrained circumstances. We kicked off some investments in our technology and product that we’re incredibly excited about. The list goes on!

I think it’s safe to say that the development we’re most excited about is the welcoming of some fresh new faces to the team, including individuals who have already gained invaluable experience and achieved fantastic success in their fields. As a team, we are already benefiting hugely from their input, and in the short time they’ve been on board, there have been many moments of learning where all we could do is laugh at how naive we had been before. Their invaluable experience has in many ways lifted the veil, and we are champing at the bit to continue learning and benefiting not only from that, but also from the fresh new ideas they all bring to the table. A small but thrilling step at the beginning of the process, with a long and exciting path ahead!

Going forward, we’ll try to share these Quick Thoughts at least once a month, as a way to keep you updated on some of our progress, what we’re learning along the way and any cool insights we manage to pick up, as well as serving as an invitation to you for dialogue and conversation. As we alluded to above, we certainly don’t have all the answers (and in many respects are completely clueless), and keenly appreciate the importance of learning and growing from the experiences and insights of our wonderful communities and networks. 

We can’t wait to chat to you, give us a call!

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