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We are hiring!

2021 has been an incredible year for SmartWage


The biggest lesson has been the importance of having the right people on our team. This year, we hired 12 exceptional people to bring the most seamless earned-wage access product to South African employees. After raising some further funding, signing up a number of new clients, we expect to continue to grow quickly and to do so we need to grow our team to do it! At the moment, we’re hiring for five key roles:


🚀 CTO:

SmartWage’s CTO will work closely with the founders and Senior Product Manager to flesh out the SmartWage product roadmap. They will form a part of the SmartWage executive team and will lead both the engineering and software teams.  


🚀 Senior Product Manager:

The Senior Product Manager will lead SmartWage’s product strategy in collaboration with the COO, the CTO and the software development team. Our Senior Product Manager will be responsible for overseeing the product from ideation and discovery to release, distribution and beyond.


🚀 Senior Software Engineer

As a leader in the product engineering team, SmartWage’s Senior Software Engineer will drive the development of the SmartWage product. They will make decisions around which features to implement, how best to build them and develop solutions for both our external customers and internal users. 


🚀 Junior Software Engineer

SmartWage’s Junior Software Engineer will contribute to the development of the SmartWage product, an application built on a modern architecture, written in python and javascript. They will also assist the software development team in product feature planning and design. 


🚀 Head of People

The Head of People will be working with the Leadership Team, alongside the Development Team to source and hire top talent for our company. They will lead the hiring process, own our talent acquisition strategy and optimise SmartWage’s employee value proposition. 


If you like to move fast, challenge the status quo and make an impact on South Africa’s workforce and if you think you’d crush our Friday trivia showdowns, please email your CV, role you are applying for and a detailed cover letter motivating why you are the right person for the job to [email protected]


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